What You Need to Know - COVID 19

Travel to Vancouver, BC - COVID 19 Rules

Please see this BC Government site for information and links related to travelling into BC from outside the province or country. Note that conditions for crossing the Canadian border can change on short notice due to COVID conditions – please check for yourself near the time of travel.

Please see this US Government site for information and links related to returning to the US from Canada.

If you need a COVID-19 test in BC, this BCCDC site lists locations. Please check with your health insurance about coverage for COVID testing related to travel.

BC Vaccine Passport

We are currently anticipating the BC Vaccine Passport to continue through the conference, as it has now been extended to June 30, 2022.

If you are coming from outside BC/Canada, in lieu of the BC Vaccine Passport and BC Government ID, you may instead show:

  • Canada (outside of BC): Provincial/territorial vaccine record or federal proof of vaccination plus valid government photo ID.
  • Canadian and US Armed Forces: Military proof of vaccination plus military ID card.
  • US/International: Proof of vaccination used to enter Canada plus passport.

Please be sure to keep these documents handy during your visit.

Vaccination Rates

Vancouver has high rates of vaccination.

Vancouver – Westside (includes UBC):

  • 92% of people aged 5+ have 2 doses of vaccine (Feb 15, 2022 data)

To compare, for the US overall:

  • 68.6% of people aged 5+ have 2 doses of vaccine (Feb 15, 2022 data)

The BCCDC has a regional surveillance app showing details (cases and vaccination) for each municipality/region (choose “Vancouver – Westside”, within “Vancouver Coastal Health” authority, for the UBC area).

US data from USCDC for vaccination rates here.